Born: 1744, Birstall
Died: 1815, Fulneck

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Our late Sr Rachel Brook was
born Apr. 28th 1744 at Birstal.
Her Parents, who loved the Lord
directed her from her earliest
years to the friend of Children
and took her, when a Child to the
Chaple at Gumersal, where she at
tended the Childrens meetings, and
and used to be delighted to hear
of our Saviours love, and when
comming home she would some
time kneel down in a corner
and pray to him to bless her
and form her to his mind.

But When she grew older she found
that tender Childlike love to our
Savr growing cold, she wished to injoy
the world, and its vain pleasures,
but always felt a monitor within,
warning her from going the broad
road, which leadeth to destruction;
she spent some time in great

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trouble of mind, not willing to
follow the Lord, and full of fear
to be last eternally; during this
period, which was in her 16th
, she had a very remarkable
dream: it was to her as if she
saw our Saviour on the Cross, in
the most lovely attitude, saying
to her, “all my sufferings, wounds
and bruises were for thee, to
save and redeem thy sinful soul.”
This made a deep impression on her
mind, and she turned in earnest
prayer to the Lord, that he would
pardon her sins and transgressions
and renew a right spirit within
her, & once when walking in a field
by herself, with tears and prayer
lifting up her hands to him, she
got an assurance that her guilt
should be done away, and that
he would prove her good Shepherd

who seeks that which was lost
with unwearied faithfulness.
This has followed her all her life and
often thro’ grace been renewed.

She now felt a desire to be closer
united with the Brns Congn and
to injoy the priviliges of the same.
Oct 4th 1760 she moved into the
Srs House here in Fulnek, May 11.
she was recd into the Brns Congn
and May 8th the following year
partook for the first time of
the H. Comn. She often spoke
with great pleasure, of the time
of her first comming, how happy
she was in communion with our
Saviour, and how comfortable the
Srs were together in the so called
spinning days, and how they delighted
midst great poverty in singing the
praises of the Lord. She was
soon imployed in serving as an Over

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seer with the Girls, and afterwards
with Sisters. In 1790she was accepted
acoluth, and for 18 years she held
the Office of Houseservant, she
showed much faithfulness in what
was committed to her, and looked
upon it as a favour, which
made her Office a pleasant duty.
to her. The last few years, she
was not able to do as formerly
but injoying the love of the Srs
they were willing to lend her a
helping hand whenever required,
particularly those Srs in her room
showed her much love & attention.
Tho’ nothing very striking seemed to
distinguish her course, we are sure
that she lived in communion with
our Saviour, and with Childlike
confidence and humble faith looked
to him for help and support in
every time of need.

Oct 4th 1810 she called to mind that
it was 50 years since she moved
into this house, she expressed
herself that she could not suffi-
ciently thank our Saviour, for all
his love and care, his long suffering
and forbearance, and for all his
mercy towards her, and looked back
with gratitude and amazement how
he had proved her true friends in
all her spiritual and temporal
concerns, that she had laked
nothing; and she renewed her
convenant to cleave to him, to
trust his Shepherd care, till
hope and faith shall cease, and
Love prevail alone.

Hitherto she had injoyed an unin-
terrupted good state of health, but
now she began to feel the infir-
mities of age, and for these last 3
years, she was not able to attend

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the meetings as she used to do,
which was a great trial to her.

She was however able to go about
in the house, tho’ at last with
great difficulty, till the 6th
of this month
, when she had to
be confined to the sickroom, her
weakness increased rapidly; tho’
she did not think that her de-
parture was so near, she felt
resigned to our Saviours will,
saying: “My times are in his hands
“I can say do nothing but pray
“to him to receive me, a poor
“and worthless sinner, in mercy,
“and I am sure he will.” –

On the 13th she called to mind the
blessings she had often enjoyed on
that great memorial day, and
particularly what she had felt the
first time, when she celebrated it
55 years ago, during the singing of
that verse:

O Church, how many hast thou yet
Who do not love the Saviour?
Who do not think his burden light
Nor his sweet Yoke a favour!
O ye, who don’t stand well with him,
Do ye long for redemption?
Now, now, is for you the right time
Come all without exception.
She spent the following days mostly in a slumber, and when she awoke between, she only complained on great weakness, she often folded her hands, as being ingaged in prayers, when the lipps no more could say; and on the 16th it pleased the Lord to call her to himself in a gentle and happy manner. Aged 71. 6 1/2 Month.
Among the saints in light;
Behold our Sister seated:
Her faith now lost in sight
Her happiness compleated:

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With cheerful voice she joins
The blessed company,
Ascribing to Gods‘ grace
Her heav’nly destiny.
At home she rests in peace
With her beloved Saviour,
All her afflictions cease,
Each tear wip’d off for ever:
Her longing gratify’d
She views her Bridegroom, Friend:
Who graciously supplied,
Each need unto the end.

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