Born: 1742, Golcar Parish of Huddersfield
Died: 1809, Fulneck

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The single SrRachel Bradley who hap-

pilydeparted this lifeAug. 30th 1809.

has left the following short account:

I was born in Goweer in the parish

of Huddersfield
Oct 15th 1742. Shortly

before I was born, my Mother began

to attend the meetings of the Brn;;

and as soon as she possibly could

she took me to the meetings too, the

first time I remember having any serious

thoughts concerning our Saviour was

in my 6th year, when Br Hauptman

was Keeping as a Childrens meeting:

He spoke so movingly about the suf

ferings & death of our Saviour that it

made a deep impression on my mind.

It being Good friday, he told us that

this was the day when the Lord died

to redeem us out of the hand of the

destroyer, telling us to pray to our Sa-

viour to make us good & happy Chil-

dren, and give us a Heart to love him.

I prayed if thought, so I will, & prayed

fervently, so that I felt him very near

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to my heart. Going to Bed at night I

thought I saw our Saviour, he showed

me his hands & his feet, and I felt

such a love to him, that I beg’d

of him to take me to himself.

In my 8th year my Parents being in

very low circumstances, my Oncle and

Aunt payed us a visit, and offered

to take one of us Children to their

house, my Aunt fixed her choice on

me, to my great grief, because she

had no liking for the Brn. As

my Parents insisted upon me going

I went out of obedience, but spent

2 very unhappy years. My Br Richard

coming from Fulnek about that time

gave me an oppertunity to aquaint

him with the uneasiness of my mind,

I told him that I should never go

to Heaven if I remained here. He

asked me where I should wish to

be? I answered any where among the

Brn. My inclination was to live

with the S. Srs, but could not see

how it was possible to be brought about.

Being one Night very uneasy, I kneel-

ed down by my bed, and prayed

to our Saviour with many tears, that

if is was his mind for me to live

with the Srs he would make it

known to me, by putting it into

my Mothers heart, to come and see

me, that I might tell her all

the trouble of my mind; to my

great surprise she came next mor-

ning, I was struk, and thankedto the

Lord, because I knew it was his doing.

When she asked me how I did

I answered; very well! she said she

was glad to hear it, for she suffered

much on my account the last night

& could have no ease of mind till

she knew what was the matter

with me. I inquired about her re-

turn, she told me in the afternoon,

I took no farther notice, but dressed

myself to go with her, on seing what

I was about she wished me not to

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do it, saying my Father would be much

displeased, not withstanding I set

out, but my Mother using all manners

of persuasion for me to remain where

I was, I told her that I could not

return, unless she spoke with Br

concerning me, which she faith

fully promised to do, & I returned to my

Oncle & Aunt who recd me gladly, telling

me that I was beloved by them as

their own Child. I thanked them for

their Kindness towards me, but aquaint-

ed them with nothing farther. My

Mother fulfilled her promise, spoke

to the Brn & they soon found a place

for me, my Sr came to fetch me

& I felt very thankful to the Lord

for what he had done for me.

The next day we came to Little town

where I remained for a short time,

from thence I obtained leave to live

in Gummersal Srs House, and after

living 2 years there, I removed to

Fulnek. Now indeed my heart was

melted before our Saviour, seing with

what unwearied Kindness & patienceour Saviour he has followed me, I shed

sinner tears before him, and intreated

him fervently to keep & protect me

during my pilgrimage here below;

& I must own to his praise that he has

never left nor forsaken me, I feel my

self a very great sinner, but hope thro’

his enabling grace I shall give joy to

our Saviour & his Congn. I my 15th

I had the favour to be recd

into the Congnwhich proved a great

blessingto my heart. But now the

depravity of human nature began to

show itself more & more. I felt a great

inclination to enjoy the pleasures of this

world & often thought of going back &

leave the Congn; I grew also very re-

served, so that I could not open

my heart to any one. But my ever

faithful Saviourfollowed me his poor Child

with unwearied Kindness & made it

clear to me that it was his will that

I should live in the Congn One day

I took a walk with a full determi-

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nation not to return till our Saviour

had manifested himself to me in his

bleeding & dying form, he as the best

friend of sinners granted my request,

asuring me at the same time of the

forgiveness of all my sins. I now

returned home happy and comfort-

able, in the nearness of my mercyful

Saviour, he also gave me grace that

without reserve I could open my

mind to my Choir. Labores. wishing

to keep noting hid which might hin-

der my cource of grace. I felt now

a great desire to enjoy the Holy

Comn and this great favour was gran

to me in my 22d year. And now

I wish for nothing else, but to re-

main sitting at his thro’ piersed feet

& greeting them for my election of grace.

I own and feel myself as the poorest

of sinners, and have nothing to plead

but his mercy. With patience immense

With love most intense – Hath he led

me on, – I’m lost in amezement

When thinking thereon.

Thus far her own Account, which she dictated

to a friend in the year 1805. and added

at the same time, that this short acct

given of her early life had been the

most remarkable to her, and the period

in which she sought & found real

happiness, & tho’ more then 40 years

had elaps’d since, during which time

much had occurred yet she could say

nothing more, but thank and praise our

our Saviour for all his love & care. &

forbearence, midst all her ailments and

shortfallings. We can add to this,

that she was devoted with soul & body

to the Lord, his suffering beauty had cap-

tivated her heart, to read & speak about that

subject was her greatest dilight, she was also

useful in several ways, & served with a willing

& chearful heart. Tho’ she had a very sickly

tabernacle, and was several times so ill that

no hopes was left for her recovery, yet she

was resigned to our Saviours will, and could

never express her graditute sufficenly for his

help & support both internal & external.

Of late years she was much troubled with an

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asmatick complaint, but she bore it with

great patience, & sought comfort with him

who has been her refuce in all trouble.

As she loved & was beloved it was a pleasure

to her to be in her room with the Srs as

long as she was able to go down, but about

3 weeks before her departure she was obliged to

confine herself to the sickroom. She expressed

herself on that occation, to the following effect:

“I have now done with all things in this world

and am waiting for our Saviour to take me

to my eternal home, I am lost in wonder when

I think on his love & faithfulness, to me the

poorest among the needy, O what a blessed thing it is,

that he has given me that asurence | tho I deserv’d

hell | that he will receive me in the blessed

mantsions above, I will then greet his feet with

sinner tears & say to him; This LordJesus is

my only plea, Here is a sinner who would

fain – Thro the Lambs ransom entrance gain.

With these happy meditations she spent her time,

| tho’ she suffered much of shortness of breath | till

Aug 30th when it pleased our Saviour in a

happy & gentle manner to take her home to him

self. Aged 66 years 10 Months 15 days.

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