Born: 1718, Wibsey
Died: 1770, Dudley Hill

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The Course of Life of the
Married SisterMary Hinchcliff
who went happily to our Savr:: on the 29th Augst 1770
She was born at Wibsey in the Parish of
Bradford Yorkshire
in August 1718,
and was brought up in the Presbyterian
Religion and in her Youth behaved order
-ly, and living with her Uncle and aunt
love the Brn
Pollard when they began to 
She also came among them & was reciev’d
into Society in 1745: but afterwards
absented herself for a while till after she
had marriedBrJohn Hinchcliff in 1749,
after a whilewhen she came again with her
Husband to the Meetings of the Brethren
and since has gone on as a loving Sinner-
-Heart. She was reciev’d into the Pudsey Congregn
(at Fullneck) in 1758 and partook the
1st Time of the Holy Sacrament with the
Congregn in September 1763. Our Savr
blessd her Marriage with one Son who is
yet with his Father and a Member of our
Society, and one Daughr who is already
gone home to the Lord. Br & Sisr
Greening say: that since they have known Sisr

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Hinchcliff they observd in her something
of the character which the Holy Scriptures
give us of the Mother of our Lord: that is
she was poor in her own Eyes, quiet and
yet hearty. When at the late settling of the
Helpers Conference in this Congregn our
Savr directed that she should be a Member
thereof, it had a very blessed Effect on her
Heart, she expressd herself about it with Love
Shames & counted herself very poor & unfit.
The Sunday before her Departure having
been at the Meetings with her Husband she
afterwards was overheard comforting a dejectedSisrvery
heartily & lovingly on the Tuesday BrGreen
providentially calld at her House and
BrHinchcliff being out on his Business, she
sat down and convers’d awhile very heartily
about her own inward poverty, expressing at the same
time (tho indirectly) her Love towards our
dearSavr, & more directly her Love to her Husband, her
care & concern that her Sons Soul might
prosper, and that he might be preserved for
the Lord. She then appeard pretty well in
Health as she was also the next Day till
afternoon, when she complain’d of her Head
& soon after sitting down was gone to her
Lord in a minute or two in a quiet and

easy Manner (with scarce any Struggle
of the Body) in the 52d Year of her Age.
Her Corpse had afterwards a lovely aspect
as the Countenance of a reconciled com-
forted Sinner which had placidly slept
in the Lord. She was also a most loving
Daughter in Law to BrHinchcliffs Father
& Mother who are both very ancient & could
not enough express how kind & affectionate
she had been to them, and who have therefore
a real Loss in her Departure, as well as
other necessitous People, whom she made
it her Pleasure to help. For the Lord had
given her a lovingcompassionate Heart.

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