Born: 1713, St Cuthbert’s Parish
Died: 1788, Fulneck

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I was born Sepr 4th 1713 in the City of York and baptiz’d in the Ch
of England, was also carefully educated by my Parents, suitable for a
Trademans Child, they were particularly attentive that I shoud not be se-
duc’d by the world. From my youngest Years I had a secret desire to
please God, and to avoid every thing that was bad, this made me very atten
tive to the course of religious people, but my Fathers circumstances
being upon the decline, I was (in order to avoid poverty) necessitated to go to
Service, Thus I undertook a House-keepers place in a reputable family
in the Country, where my Mistress faithfully instructed me in every
thing she saw me deficient in, and among the rest, endeavour’d also to
teach me true holiness, but my heart constantly convicted me that I was
not right. Being now better qualify’d for a larger undertaking, I left
this place in hopes of bettering my circumstances, and resolv’d for London,
where I had two Brsin reputable business, I went thither by Sea
with some acquaintances, but we had not been out a day before a violent
storm arose, to that ’twas expected we shou’d suffer Shipwreck, but that
we might have our lives, it was resolv’d to take to the long boat, but
I was determin’d rather to perish with the Ship, than venture in the
boat, and leave my cloaths behind me, and thus suffer’d myself to be
lock’d down in the Cabbin, laid myself on a Bed, never to behold this
world any more, recomending my Soul to God, and for sometime put
my hands over the bed side to feel if the water was approaching, then
drop’d asleep. The Ship weather’d the storm, and the Captain return’d but
how greatly was I supriz’d when with dificulty I was awoke, and found
myself still in the Body, and all the vissisitudes of Life yet to go through.

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which I thought wou’d be buried forever when I laid me down. When I
came to London, my Brs  took good care of me, but I durst not undertake
a House keepers place in this City, till I had first inform’d myself of
what belong’d to such an undertaking, therefore took a House maids
place in an eminent Physicians family, but this proved too hard for me
and in about a months time, was unable to stand on my Legs, the
Doctor hearing of this order’d me into his room, and on examining into
my constitution, came uponto speak about my family and education, and on my telling him
who I was, my good Ladymistress answer’d him in French, that my Mother was
her near Relation, I was imediately order’d into better care and an easier
Situation, which together with some Medicines soon restor’d me to the use of my
Limbs, I then undertook theHouse Keepers place in the same family, but
cou’d not continue long therein, the other Servants plagueing me incessantly
becauseas I cou’d not join in their extravagant schemes and unfaithfulness to
the prejudice of my good Master and Misstress, therefore without any
explanation desir’d to be set at Liberty; this was a real disappointment
to them, for they thought they had a faithfull person in their circumstanFamily
ceswho also took care of their Childn. A pious Lady who liv’d there, and had
renounc’d the errours of the Church of Rome, had also entertain’d hopeswished me
of preserving meto remain in thea single state and to live to the Lord Jesus, and would
have condition’d with me on any terms I pleas’d, if I wou’d remain
with her or this family, but nothing cou’d prevail upon me to live among
such a set of Servants as was there; I soon enter’d into a large grandmagnifi
cent family in Bloomsbury Square, here I only staid 11 months, I then
got a House keepers place in a worthy family in Berkshire; in about 3
Years the Lady of the Family died, and the whole care fell upon me, to
the great oppression of my mind, for the continual want of the knowledge

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of my God imbitter’d every thing to me, and tho’ we had family devotion
morning and evening by the Chaplain, all was nothing to me, because the
practice answer’d not to the precepts, and I became very miserable; on asking
advice of the Chaplain, he told me to read Dean Swift, and such like lively
Authors, and visit more in the Country, but I resolv’d for London to get
better advice, left my good place to the great distress of my worthy Master.
In London I took to the Methodists contrary to the advice of my friends, who
said I shoud lose my Character thereby, andas they were nothing but a
loose rabblerabbling People. I learnt several branches of business, in order to go no
more to service, but to maintain myself in a single state, but this was of no long
duration, being much importun’d to go to my late place in Berkshire, I ven-
turd there again, and continu’d several Years, and met with a company of
Single Gentlewomen at Windsor, who like me, were seaking after the King-
dom of God, but cou’d meet with no other consolation than the practice of good
morals, and leaving ourselves to the mercy of God. In the Year 1750 my
Mother was taken very sick, and desired much to see me before her depar
ture, I got leave of my Master to make this visit to York, promising
that I wou’d return again, but in 10 days after my arrival there, my
dear Mother departed this Life, and my younger Br being in good busi-
ness, wou’d not let me leave York any more, but try’d to settle me in the
Confectioners business, and procur’d me an original Shop of this kind,
which thro’ his interest prov’d amazingly successfull, yet on every relaxation
from business, I was oppress’d with an uneasy mind about being sav’d
and attaining to the Kingdom of that God whom I thought I lov’d, I re-
solv’d to go to the Methodists meetings, especially in the evenings, when no
body that knew me cou’d see me, but was soon discover’d by a Lady, who

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had visited much in the family I liv’d with in Berkshire she made
herself known to me, and never let me rest unless I went continually
to the means of grace, as she call’d the meeting, but I cou’d not bear
their manner of singing and praying so openly, and she liked, I
also thought they wou’d ruin my outward circumstances, as my
House was never free from Methodists and yet I found no rest for
my Soul, but got a bitternessfelt an Enmity to God for calling me to an account for
my sinfull nature, which I neither made, nor wanted to live unto
soon after this 2 persons came into my Shop, my Servant whisperd
in my ear that they were Moravians Mr and Mrs Brook by name
I soon found freedom with Mrs Brook to tell her my situation of heart.
She desir’d me to be comforted, for the Lord Jesus wou’d never have convinc’d
me of my sinfulness, but He wou’d also convince me where a true righ-
teousness abounded, he had paid the ransom for all my sins thro’ his
Death and sufferings, and wou’d forgive me all if I cou’d but believe
he suffer’d for my sake, and He woud make me happy thro’ his merits
without any works of mine, or any thing that any creature cou’d help
me to, those were such words as I never heard before, that all my
happiness consisted in believing in the Lord Jesus, all was to me as if
an angel from Heaven had been conversing with me, I never know before
that my Redeemer was the Lord Jesus Christ, she moreover told me
that his grace wou’d regenerate my sinfull nature, both Soul & Body
from this time I got other Ideas of my Salvation then I ever had before
and no more thought of being sav’d by my good deeds, yet great distress
follow’d me daily. I went one afternoon to Mrs Brook, who desir’d me to

stay tea, other company also came in, and among the rest a Br. from

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Pudsey, whom I knew nothing of. Mrs Brook and the said Br began
such spiritual conversation as I never heard in all my life, and thought
I had neither part nor let in such happiness as was to be enjoy’d by
believing in the Lord Jesus, and I knew not where to hide my face
for shame and perplexity, when the Br spoke of our Savr forgiveing
him his sins when the most wretched of men, I burst out with involuntary
crysCrys for the same Saviour to bless me, and in a moment, I was
(as it were) seperated from all bodily sight of the Company, and saw
nothing but my dear Saviour who stood ready to forgive me all my sins,
shame and abasement seiz’d me so that I knew nothing what I said
or did, my former unbelief and denial of all possibility of having my
sins forgiven while in this Life brought me down into the dust, and
I was inconsolable, and knew not how to accept such great grace, after
such bold asertions of unbelief as I had made, my senses became more
and more open’d to the great blessing our dear Saviour had bestowed
upon me, but my friends durst not leave me above till I came more to
myself, and I was so enfeebled thro’in Body and mind, that for sometime
I cou’d hardly stand upon my Legs, and when I was conducted home,
some friends met me there, who, seeing my tears, and hearing my spiritual
conversation, thought the Lord had appear’d to me as He did to Paul
and told me that I was now a right Paulist, but my Br comprehended
it as what our Savr said to Nicodamus that to be truely born again was
a baptizm of the Spirit, I told them, I cou’d say with Job, I have heard of Him,
but now my eyes have seen him, the spirit of prayer was also powerfully
with me, I fell on my knees, and all the company with me, but what I said
I do not remember, but was full of astonishment at the great change I had

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met with, and shed many tears on account of my former unbelief, this
impression abode with me more than a week, which I spent in wonder
at having such a great grace bestow’d on me, thro’ the merits of our
Savrs shedding his blood for the poor human sinfull race of men, and
I asuredly restor’d to the fellowship of my God, to whom I had eternally
belonged, yea, for several weaks if a child had but named the Name
of Jesus, my heart wou’dcry mine, mine forever, and I was render’d
incapable of any other conversation, then about his infinite love to poor
sinners, I beg’d every one who wanted to see me, that they wou’d but
love the Lord Jesus, then all their sins wou’d be forgiven, and the very
hankering to sin wou’d thro’ that love be mortify’d, and its pow’r to
please distress me be taken away, and they would be enabled to do the works of righteousness,
and not before, this was a great offence to the Methodists and
many whose heart this suited went no more amongst them, but fre-
quented Mr Inghams meetings, being now asur’d in my heart that
the Lord Jesus had reveal’d himself thro’ his Holy Spirit within me, and as
the Holy Sacrament was to be the following Sunday at my
Parish Church, I consulted with my good friend Mrs Galantine,
if I shou’d now go to the Holy Comn, which she had no objection to,
as I cou’d now make a true and sinnerlike confession before the
before the Lord, but when I came to the Altar, the awefulness
of the transaction, to think that the Body and Blood of God my
Saviour wou’d now mix with a poor sinfull human creature so
abas’d me, that I shed numberless tears, I was moreover seiz’d
with such a trembling that I had to support myself by the Altar

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Rails, and thought no other but the person who stood next me and
hear the rattling of my bones; during the Ministers prayer
I recover’d, and crept softly to my pew, but cou’d not hide how
much I was affected, on coming home, my Br who liv’d near the
Church, prest me to go to his House, which I had no mind for,
but to avoid contention in the Street I went with him, but when
he insisted on my staying dinner, such words past betwixt us
as distress’d me very much, but my remonstrances availd no-
thing; when dinner was over, I return’d to my own house, shut
myself up, and fell into such distress of mind, as I had never
felt in all my Life, I found felt as tho’ that good Spirit the Holy Ghost
had now departed from me, after so many days enjoyment, I look
on my whole Salvation as inrecoverable, and that my sins and
transgressions were of a more condemning kind than ever before
as I had been in such a spirit at my Brs House, just when I
had been at the Holy Comn I wrestled and pray’d till I was
quite spent, wou’d have given the whole world for one good thought,
that wou’d have pleased God to have restor’d that good Spirit
again into my heart, for I now felt like one strip’d of all hope,
I neither heard nor saw any creature, and resolv’d to abide till
Death without conversing with any one, wearied and fatigued with
a distracted mind, I went to Bed, earnestly praying God once
more to have mercy upon me, and I would be more mindfull
how I griev’d his spirit for the future, I slept well, and wak’d
in the morning as happy and compos’d as ever. Ah! my Soul
how timerous wer’t thou then, then thou wast affraid of

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disturbing thy Beloved, thy feet, thy hands, thy ears, thy eyes,
were all attention how thou coud’st be soft and humble to thy
Spouse, but now alass, what can’st thou say at this time thou’st
writing this, ah! shame and reproach doss does now convict thee,
how much inattention has been paid to that Heavenly preceptor Teacher, but
my God, my hearts best object thou hast never since forsook me, no,
thy poor sinneress has unworthily found favour to clasp with eager-
ness thy thro’ pierc’d feet and will eternally cleave to those
Wounds so precious, that have been my sheltering place while here, my
vast depravity had not kinder’d thee from looking upon me in love &
mercy but to return; Here I was desir’d to speak in a Class what the
Lord had done for my Soul, but I felt great timerousness, lest in speak-
ing much about it, the Lord wou’d take it from me again, but I suffer’d
myself to be prevail’d upon, the Company was Mrs Galantine and her
acquaintance, to whom I declar’d that the being a miserable wretched
sinner wou’d necessitate them to seek acceptance with the Lord Jesus
and whoever cou’d believe that the Lamb of God was crucified for
their sins, wou’d be forgiven, and have everlasting life, and the
Holy Spirit wou’d convince them of a righteousness much better than
all they cou’d attain to by their legal prayers and striving for per-
fection, this report give great offence, and many said I was a right
Moravian, thus I with many others left the Methodists, and took
to Mr Ingham, who was a faithfull Father to all sincere followers
of the Lord Jesus, thus I went on for sometime adoring my crucify’d
Saviour, and the wonderfull works of his Redemption, nothing but
the grace of God now weighty to me, and when I for the first time

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heard of the Congn of Brn it seem’d to me so divine, as if it cou’d
only he understood by those who had been longer in the School of the
Holy Ghost than I had been, yet my heart hanker’d to be in closer
union with them; but not knowing that there were also Sisters
in the same conexion I thought it impractiable for me to come any
nearer, but one day very accidentally I heard of Sisrs my heart from
that moment resolv’d to see them, let the consequences be what it wou’d
this resolution stirr’d up many of my friends to the prejudice of
the Brn, but all was nothing to me, whether they were good or bad
I cou’d neither prove nor contradict, but something had struck into
my heart that I cou’d tell to no body, only that the God whom they
worship’d was the God of my Salvation, with this persuasion I set out
accompanied by Mr Bealby, and we just arriv’d at Fulneck as
Br Horn was reading the text concerning the prodigal Son, all
I heard and saw much affected me, the next morning before I awoke
several had been to enquire for me, especially BrPlanta, to whose house
I was invited to breakfast, He also got permission to conduct me to
the choirhouse of the Sle Srs,where I was heartily reciev’d by Srs
Mary Vogelsangs and Ann Birkley, who conducted me thro’ the house
which I perciev’d was to the Srsas the Kings Chamber, but to me it
seem’d quite otherwise, or there was nothing but spinning and pover-
ty to be seen, and I cou’d not help pitying them who had so laborious-
ly to earn their own bread, but was insensible of the blessings they en
joy’d in living thus devotedly for their Souls Bridegroom, I had
some hearts conversation with Sisr Mary, but knew little of myself
arriv’d at home late at night, thankfullin my heart that I

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had such a habitation to retire to, but presently it began to work
in me reflecting upon the emptiness of what I hereenjoy’d
at home to what I might enjoy was I but once again at Fulneck, the varieties there had so engag’d
my mind that I knew not what I had enjoy’d, but now the heavin
-ly sensations I had imperceptibly tasted of began to operate yea it became of great weight toin me
so that I had no peace nor rest, no other meeting or book but theirs
cou’d I relish, and their circurmstances became so much my own, that
I confess’d once for all, nothing shou’d ever part me from that People
this caus’d many disagreable controversys, till I was oblig’d to seperate myself
from all religious People, and the Brnand Srscorrespondeded with
me to my great joy and edification, I also made several other visits
to Fulneck to the great blessingof my heart, tho’ I could not express
myself in their way, which gave me some uneasiness. My heart
was now hankering more and more to be with the Congn; tho’ the
Choirhouse did not at all suit me, and it cost me many tears, that
my Savr wou’d not excuse me that situation, as I thought I wanted
nothing but Him, I wish’d to enjoy him in my own dear House at
York, but the doctrine of the blessed atonement was so acceptable to
my heart, that I was fully convinc’d it was no where so genuine as
amongst the Brn but I came into a fearfulness, less I shoud drop
again into my former darkness, therefore was distress’d for an
asurance from my Saviour that he wou’d ever keep me in his
hands, and that by no means I might ever forfeit my salvation,
in his precious blood, this earnest desire encreas’d daily, till it
pleas’d my gracious Lord to vouchsafe to give me the following asur-
ance, being awaked suddenly as tho’by a voice had called: Bone of my Bone

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and Flesh of my Flesh, with such a feeling of love to my Savr
that I was quite melted, and all other things became as nothing,
my Brother, and all my outward circumstances, I cou’d leave if re-
quir’d, surprize and adoration seiz’d me, and I was fully asur’d
of my election of grace, which in all vicisitudes since has not been
shaken, tho’ many dark and perplexing moments have come over
me, it has always ended in a humble shame to my abasement and
humiliation, I was always to be the humble Sinner, that has been my most
happy place, and has hitherto broke my stubborn heart; His grace
alone has done it, and I remain yet his needy one. I comunicated
this to my intimate friend Mrs Brook with a thousand tears
and cou’d say nothing, but, Lord have mercy upon me, that such
unabounded grace shou’d be laid often to such a worthless creature
all my anxiety and fear of being seperated from my Souls lover
was gone. Mr Brook and Mr Ingham adviz’d me not to speak
much of it to other people, as many who had not the same experi
ence wou’d perhaps doubt of their Salvation; from this time I
became more settled in my determination to live to the Lord Jesus
and towards the close of the Year 1755 I had a clear conviction
of my Call to the Congn, and cou’d plainly percieve that
both I, and all I had, belong’d to our Saviour and his People,
so that I did not chuse any longer to act in my business
without their approbation, and was to conscientiously bound
to this that I comunicated my affairs to SisrMary in the
simplest manner I was able, but by her answers, I found

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that she and the Brn were affraid of my doing what I shou’d
afterwards repentof, and therefore wanted to satisfy me about
staying where I was, this stumbled me, as I believ’d it to be a
work of God, but I crept to my dear Saviour for his guidance
and protection, and in my heart remain’d one with the Brn and
their matters, tho’ I was often repuls’d, yet my dear Saviour
has sufficiently let me see, what kind intentions he had towards
me in bringing in to Fulneck, tho’ I have often been unthankfull
and would gladly have been by myself againset at Liberty, cou’d I have enjoy’d
his Countenance, which I cou’d not subsist without, but to return, I re-
ciev’d a most cordial letter from Br Charlesworth, this
encourag’d me to ask for Reception into the Congnbut was told
it wou’d avail me nothing at such a distance, after another visit
to Fulneck I was better satisfy’d, was also refresh’d with Congn 
accounts being sent me, and always felt well when there was
nothing between the Congnand me, so that I found our Savr
and his People were inseparable, which I often wonder’d at, for
I was His, but shou’d have been glad to have been excus’d change
ing my situation. At last my Br resolv’d to marry if I wou’d
not live with him, which I positively refus’d, being constantly
convictedvinced that I was no more my own, and amidst all conflicts
I felt that I was bound to give myself up to the Holy Spirits leading, and in
a few days my Br died, at which time he was dispos’d to leave me
all he had, now many of my so call’d friends wou’d gladly have
prevail’d upon me to renounce my Call to the Brn, but after manymuch
wrestlingsstriving I covenanted with our Savrto sell all and come to

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the Congnand accordingly soon settled my affairs. May 10th 1756
I left York with my dear Father, and arriv’d at Pudsey late in
the evening with a heavyandperplexed heart, having given up
what I knew, for what I knew not, and I was also frightend less my
Father wou’d not settle with me, which, if he did it, wou’d excusekeep me from
moving into the Choirhouse, for which I had no desire in any wise.
But he having a mind to stay, we settled at Lane end, where I
had many trials, and found I still had not attain’d to what my
Savr had call’d me, which was the Choirhouse, I, my Saviour, his
Salvation, Choirhouse and Congregation seem’d esentially inseparable
to me, the foundation of which seem’d to be wrote in my heart
with an eternal pen, for, surely, such realities are no where to be
found but in the heart of Jesus, I had however much to learn, and
for want of knowing myself rightly, saw many faults in others.
and together with my situation, and every thing about me, my Father also
lay heavy on me, as he was the visible means of keeping me out
of the Choirhouse, but in time he was dispos’d to be boarded
at Richard Mortimers that I might be at Liberty, and I accom
modated him there to his satisfaction. Novr 13th 1756I was
reciev’d into the Congn. Ah! this was an inexpresible grace,
this was the greatest solemnity I ever enjoy’d in all my Life.
Sepr 7th 1757, I remov’d into the Choirhouse, this was a new
School to me, as I met with many things contrary to my way of
thinking, which went so far that I wish’d to go away again, but
I afterwards found that it all work’d for my good, and that I did
not know myself sufficiently. March 25th 1758 I had the grace

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be a participant of my dear Lords Body and Blood in the Holy Sacrament with then
Congregation, but was much perplex’d by depending so much on my
own feelings, not knowing truely that the feeling void of good was
well for me but on speaking with my Labouress, she directed me to
our Saviour as a sinner, not as a holy pemelson, hereupon my depra-
vity was so open’d to me, that I despair’d of ever being otherwise
than a miserable creature, but when I cou’d fall as a sinner at the
feet of our Saviour, his gracious absolution melted me, and enabled
me to bear the reproach for my humiliation, and no more for my
condemnation, this great change was much more bless’d to me than
the first forgivness of my sins, the grace & blessing of a virgin of Jesus, I now cou’d claim, and my blushing at the feeling of my sinfulness was not Trouble to me, & with my
best and worst I cou’d turn to my beloved, and yet amidst all
these great priviledges, I was always falling short and had daily
something new to experience, outwardly I had also many trials
from not having been us’d to such accommodations as I met with
here, but nothing brought me to the real sinner point before my
Saviour, till all other means of friendship fail’d; thus I had for
almost 7 years a continual course of trials, till once for all He
became the sole object of my heart, and I as nothing but a worm
before him, then, and then only my course became truely and so-
lidly a Heaven upon earth, my Saviour was at my right hand
and at my left but lowliness and sinnerlikeness I was still short
of, in which I believe I shall remain defective as long as my dear 
Saviour continues me in this mortal frame. So far herour Late Sister
own account.

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It is evident that our late Sisr had a particular Call to the Congn
which together with what her heart enjoy’d from our Savr she knew how
to value above every thing in this world, oftentimes declaring, and that
with a heart deeply affected, what great things he had done for her,
and how, even the trials she had met with had work’d together for her
real good. She was a person truly devoted to Him, and thought it
not too much to spend her time and little substance in his cause, to the
great relief of many of the inhabitants of the Choirhouse, who in the first Yrs
of its existence felt many straits, Having also a warmheart for our Savr. and being self endow’d with many
extradinary Gifts, she knew how to give good advice in most circumstan-
ces and in this respect gain’d much love and confidence from the Srs
in short, we cou’d say much of her faithfull service in our House
and Choir ever since the Year 1757, but as she frequently declar’d
that neither her coming to the Congn, nor her staying therein, was
her own doings, but our Savrs own free electing grace, and that she cou’d
not possibly be happy in any other situation, so she likewise entreated
that nothing she had done might in the least be attributed to her
self, but solely and alone to His praise, who in his infinite mercy
had brought her to such a blessed school for her own heart, and
therefore it was her highest pleasure, cou’d she any way be serviceable
to her Choir or the Congn. For several Years last past her strength
declin’d very muchfast, so that she cou’d but seldom attend the meetings
but she took great delight in reading the lives of departed Brn 

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and Srs, and of the work of God in many parts of the world,
She also priz’d the visits of her Sisters, encouraging every one to
faithfulness in their respective calling, and was particularly re
fresh’d when she enter’d into a hearty band conversation with any of them
which was generally accompanied with floods of tears, on account of
all the mercy which our Savr had shewn unto her, which now
she beheld clearer than ever, the effect of which was, her heart
became more and more sinnerlike, of which the following lines
which were found among her papers are a short specimin.

1 Now my Years on Earths declining
Prooffs of grace in truth defining
At my Savrs Feet I prostrate
And nevere his Death and torment
2 For th’ abundance of his graces
Since call’d to his blest embraces
Ne’er can worthily express it
What his love on me effected
3 For his grace, care, and nutrition
How exceeded my petition
In his School I howe been learning
Wholesome lessons, Truth discerning
4 Those art worthy to be loved
Who’ thyself hast thus approved
Thou art worthy of all praises
Who thy work to highly raises
5 Praised be without ceasation
Above all in the creation
For thy pardoning grace and merit
Which I freely do inherit
6 None can give me consolation
But thou, who art my Salvation
Who hast me as thine elected
And to this day hast protected
7 Let my Spirit Soul and Body
Thine remain with love most steady
Till I have the grace and favor
To behold thee, God my Savr   

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Being of a very active turn of mind, she continued attentive
to every circumstance in the House till near her departure,
as also to the poor Sisrs who were always special objects of
her concern, she gave prooffs of her Motherly concern, as long as
she was able, but her chief and most ardent desire for several
Years was, to be at rest with her Souls lover, tho’ she wou’d
sometimes say, she cou’d not form any right Idea of that
blessed time, yet she knew for certain, that she shou’d enjoy
great felicity, such as, Eye had not Seen, our Ever heard, neither
had it enter’d into the heart of Man, the things which God
had prepared for those that love him. In this persuasion, she
met her dissolution with Joy. Her long and great weakness
at last terminated in an internal inflamation, which in a few days
prov’d the accomplishment of all her wishes, and she as a
reconciled sinner fell happily asleep in the Lord with the
blessing of her Choir and the Congn in the 75th Yr of her

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