Born: 1721, Arendal, Norway
Died: 1791, Fulneck

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North of England
Memoir of our late Br. Jacob Borck who
departed at Bedford. Oct. 24. 1791

Our late Bro. having left no written account
of his Life, we can only say the following:
He was born at Arendal in Norway Oct. 13. 1727.
He lost his Father when very Young, the pray-
ers & admonitions of his Mother who was a
pious Woman & sought to Educate him in the
nurture & admonition of the Lord were a great
blessing to him, as a Child, & when at 14 Years of
In age
he went to Copenhagen & there become Sur-
geons Mate in the Danish Army, having been
brought up in that time of Life; In 1756 he enterd
Into the Service of the Russians army as Surgeon,
& being in Russia, he was noticed by several
persons of the highest Rank, both on Account
of his engaging manners & Skilfulness in his
profession, especially by the Viceroy of Ukraine
who greatly favord him, & with whom he
travelled thro various parts of Russia, but thro’
these conexions he was led into bad Company, &
sinful habits, by which means he lost those
impressions of our Saviours grace, which he
had received in his Younger Years when he
had been solidly awakened, & obtained a view
in Spirit of our Savrs sufferings, which remain-
ed unforgetten by him. He however felt
great uneasiness of mind, amidst the gaieties
& pleasures of the World, which he once disclosed

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to a person of Rank in Russia acquainted with
the Brn especially with Count Zinzendorff, who
spoke to him in and encourageng manner, &
whose conversation was greatly blessed to him
the above mentioned person at the same time
related to him several particulars concerning
the Congn of the Brn which created a wish in him,
to become more nearly acquainted with them.
Accordingly in 1739 when he quitted Russia, he
resolved to pay a visit to the Congn at Zeist, intend-
ing to go from thence to England, to enter into his
Majestys Service on board a Westindia Ship. The first
meeting he attended at Zeist was a singing meeting
during which he was so overpowerd with a feeling of
divine Grace, that it was immediately made clear
to him that this was the people he belonged to, having
always from his infancy had a desire to live among
Children of God:, Here he also got acquainted with Count
, who received him very cordially, Never-
theless he for the present, pursued his intentions
of proceeding to England, where he engaged as Sur-
geon onboord the Monarque in which Station he
remained about a Year, during the whole of which
time the Vessel lay in the harbours He kept up in
the mean time an acquaintance with the Brn in
London: But the great Wickedness & abandoned
life of the Ships crews, to which he was witness was
so disgusting to him, that he was glad to obtain
his dissmission. After this he lodged for a short time
with a Br & Sr in London & being desirous of coming
into still closer connection with the Congn of the Brn

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went in Octr. 1760 according to their advice to Bedford
where he moved into the Single Brns House.

Tho’ he had it at first very hard in externals yet he
never despaired but was always thankful to our
Savr for having brought him thither, & used to express
himself to that effect, that he should esteem it the
greatest favor to live with Children of God, were he even
necessitated to live on Bread & Water. He first engaged
with the late Doc. Vowel as a partner in business, but
after sometime this partnership was dissolved, &
he set up for himself as Surgeon & Apothecary.

He was received in the Congn  April 20 1761 & admitted
to the holy Comunion Septr 26 in the same Year.

Novr 19th 1766 he was married to the S. Sister Hanah
of the Choir House at Fulnec, his present
Widow by whom he has had one Daughter, now a
member of the Congn at Bedford, He was very success
full in his profession, whereby he also proved a bless-
ing to many of his patients in their dying mom-
ents, was respected in the Town & neighbourhood,
& always a steady Friend to the poor even to his own
disadvantage. Tho his warm & positive temper
& disposition sometimes caused him trouble,
Yet his upright Sincere & generous mind pro-
cured him many Friends by whom he was much
esteemed, The reflection on his past unfaithful-
ness to our Saviours Grace, & the powerful sensa-
tions he had of his great depravity, caused him
indeed many heavy hours, but amidst all this he
cleaved as a poor pardoned Sinner to his Redeemer

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& experienced rich comforts from him, which was
more especially perceptible in the last years of his
Life, when he grew more chearful & happy & resigned
His constitution which was naturally strong,
had been much impaired by fatiague of body &
mind, about 5 Years ago he got a paralitic Stroke
which greatly enfeabled him, Since this time he
suffered greatly from increasing weakness, which
at last brought on a total delay of strength. His
present Widow our dear Sister Borck, has shew’n
great & unremitting tenderness in faithfully nur-
sing him during this long period of illess. Amidst
his sufferings which was very great, his patience
was exemplary, & he always expressed himself
thankful for the least services done him.

When visited his favorite topick was the Love &
forbearance of our Savr so consistintly displayed
in the mercy shewn to him, being plucked as
a brand out of the fire. Several weeks before
his departure it was evident, that he would not
continue long here below, from which time
forward, his mind seemed wholly disengaged
from all earthly cares, & occupied in converse
with our Savr, he frequently prayed fervently
to him, entreating our Savr to strengthen him &
support him in his trouble, & especially to be
near him in his last hours, He once told a
Brother who visited him that altho he had the

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full assurance that he should go to our Savr
 as an absolved sinner, yet he could not deny
that he felt some dread at the thoughts of the
separation of Soul & Body, but some days
after he intimated to the same Brother, that
he could now say with thanks to our Savr
 that this dread had been entirely removed.
A day or two before his departure, he expressed
in a very emphatical manner, his thankful
ness for having brought him to his ransom’d
Congregation & sealed his Salvation.

Octr. 24th 1791 he was no longer able to speak,
& from that time lay Still in sweet expectati-
on of that blessed moment when his Redeemed
Soul should be translated into the mansions
of bliss. This favor was granted him about
nine o Clock the same Evening when he
departed softly & happily aged 64 years 11 days

Blessed are the dead, which die in the
Lord, from henceforth, yea, saith the Spirit,
that they may rest from their Labour, &
their works do follow them. Revl 14. 13

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