Born: 1708, Cleckheaton
Died: 1774, Gomersal

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The Life of the Married SisterEliz: Peel

Her maiden Name was Mortimer, she was born
April 14th 1708. at Gumersal, was brought up a
Dissenter, She had been a widow 7 Year when she
married the present widower, They were married
Aug: 6th 1741 at Birstal church, She hading at
first no mind to go with her Husband to hear
the Brethren till a few years after, when she
went with him, & she was much pleased to hear
the Gospel which proved a Blessing to her Heart,
and was soon after received in to the Society,,
January the 11th 1751, She was received in
to the Congr at Fulneck which proved a great
Blessing to her Heart, and on August 13th the
same year she partook the first time of the
Lords Supper with the Congr at Fulneck, for
which Grace & favour she was Exceeding thank
ful, she bore 6 children to her Husband, of which
3 departed Young, & 2 sons & 1 daughter are
still here with us; She had the welfare of her
children much at heart, and was much grieved,
when it did not go well with any one.
She once had deprived her self of the Lords
supper for a time, which caused her much
pain, but our dear Lord was gracious unto
her, & help’d her in a happy course again
in which she went on with thankfulness, she

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was a very industrious & loving Helpmate
to her Husband, She went on in a still course,
and was of a few words, and loved our
Saviour and his people. She gave up her
room with chearfulness to the Married choir,
particularly on Sundays, for them to sit
and keep their Bands, she was of a very
Healthy Healthy constitution, and did not
know what sickness was, till within half
a year past, when her strength began to
fail, & felt much pain in her Tabernacle
She then said and believed that this would
prove the means of her Dissolution, to which
she was Resign’d & said that she might go
Home to her dear Saviour, she was however
willing to use any means which were
recommended, to her, but all was without
Effect, at last she was obliged to take to
her Bed, which she has kept above 3 months
and endured often much pain, having
lost the use of most of her Limbs, her
prayer to our Saviour was Constantly,
that He might give her patience to hold
out till he Should think fit to release her,
which was in a particular manner granted
to her, for she bore every thing very patiently

she was often concern’d for her poor Husband,
who allone was able to Lift & Nurse her by
day and night, least it should be to hard
for Him, she partook with her Husband
3 times of the holy Comunion on her
Sickbed, She was beloved by her Brethren
& sisters, & neighbours as a child of God,
she spocke and was sensible allmost to
her End, a few minutes before her depart-
ure she said: LordJesus help me,
a Liturgy was kept her, during which
the near presence of our Lord was Sweetly
felt, she then received the Blessing of her
Husband and Congr and fell quite
easy & softly asleep in the 67 year
of her Age

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