Born: 4 May, 1742 at Wyke
Died: 16 July, 1771 at Wyke

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Our Sr Beterous Atkinson was born
May the 4th 1742 at Wike in Birstal Parish. Tho’
she was still baptised in the Church of England, yet as
her Parents belong’d to the Brn from the time of the
first awakening in this Country, she from her
Childhood was in the Care of the Sisters. But
as nothing very particular of the Work of our
Lord was observed in her Heart, she in her 21st Year
took some little offence, which ended in a Confusion
of Mind, and of Consequence a Coldness and Shyness
towards those, who sought the Prosperity of her Soul
took place which continued till she was married on
Sept. 21. 1766. The uneasiness of Heart which she was
never quite free from, become now serious, and this
was the Period of her Life, in which she was
actually awakened, and saw and felt that she had
never known our dear Savr, as a Sinner. She
now sought again for Fellowship with the Congn
and in Dec. 1769 she was readmitted into the Society,
and after repeated Supplications she was recieved
into the Congn April 15th. 1770. She was now at times
very chearful and increased in the Knowledge of
herself. Last winter she fell into a lingering state
of Health, and tho’ no Pains were spared towards
her Recovery, yet it was all in Vain, and a regular

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consumptive Disorder took Place. As she had
entertain’d great Hopes of overcoming this Sickness,
she was so much the more disappointed when she
was asured of the Contrary, and a certain Fear
of Death siezed her, which made her at first very
heavy; But she pray’d our dear Savr so long, till
he was graciously pleased to remove this from
her. From thence ensued a settled Hearts Desire
and longing to be with him the sooner the better,
and she grew so remarkably in the inner Con, that
it was a Pleasure to behold it. She had a great
desire to enjoy the h. Sacrament while here, which she
also obtained June 24th and the Days following
she was inexpressibly Happy in her Heart, and
thus she kept growing in our Lord Grace and
longing after his coming till the 15th of July
when a few Moments before her Soul took
flight she still said: Sweet Jesus! Her dying
life lasted 29 years and 2 months.

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