Born: 1715, Littletown
Died: 1774, Birstall

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I was born at Littletown in the Parish of Birstal
Novr 30th 1715 my Parents beeing Presbeterians,
I was Baptised, & brought up in the Same Religion
when I was about  16 Years of Age my Corruption
got the mastery over me, and let me in to all manner
of amusements as Singing & Dancing and the
pleasures of this world, which I pursued with my
Whole Heart for 3 Years, which was a great Grief
to my Parents, they admonishd me many times
to leave of this ways, but all was to no purpose
for I found I could not help my self. In April
I was Married with my wife at Birstal
. In 1738 I had Some Conversation
with a man who told me how he had been awaken
end, and what Distress he had been in & how
our Saviour had delivered him, he lent me
a Book to read, called the Young mans Guide
upon which I begun to read, & to pray & to reform
my Life, but the happy change did not last
long, but I fell soon in to my old course again
untill the Year 1739 when Mr Ingham begun
to preach and Settled Societys I went to hear
him, but I felt such a Condemnation in my heart,
thinking my day of Grace was past & that there
was no mercy for me, In this situation I remained
for Some time, but at last our Saviour gave

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me a Gracious Look and Refreshed my poor heart
In this happy feeling I went on for Some time, I got
more & more acquainted with the Brn which proved
a great Blessing to my heart, but when I began to
think well of my self I lost that happy feeling and
became dry in my heart, but my dear Saviour
Shewed me my deviation and I crept to Him
as a Sinner, March 2d 1750 I and my wife
had the Grace & favour to be Received in to the
Congregation at Fulneck, which was a real
Blessing for my poor heart, there I felt that
our dear Saviour watched in the midst of
His Congregation, and that I was one of His
Family, Some times I wept on account of
my faults & wants and Some times my
heart near melted with mercy & forgiveness.
In our married state our Saviour has
Blessed us with 12 children 6 sons &
6 Daughters, all are gone before me
Except 2 daughters who are under the
Care of the Congregation, with my wife I
have lived happy and agreeable.

So far his own writings.

He partook of the Lords Supper the first time
with the Congrn Sept 19th 1750. He became
an Acoluth of the Brethrens church in August
, and he was one of our Comittee Brethren

He was much beloved by his Brn & Sisters
and by his Neighboors as a Man of God
he had a tender heart to our dear Saviour
and took, share in the weal & was
of the Congregation. And he was Little
& mean in his own Eyes.

he has been troubled with an Asthmatich
Disorder for Several Years, which he bore
with great patience He was however able
to follow his Bussness, & come to the chapel
till a few weeks before his End, he was
chearfully Resignd to his dear Savr
on the 5th of SeptBr Hauptman
had a very chearful & loving Conversation
with him about being ready, & without
fear when our dear Lord calls one
but no one did think that his End was So near, for on the 7th in the afternoon
he got permission to leave his mortal
Tent in the 59th Year of his age.

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